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Asynchronous uses of ChimeIn

While ChimeIn is most commonly used in "synchronous" situations - in person classes, conferences, Zoom meetings and so on - it can also be used in asynchronous situations. Simple leave ChimeIn questions open for an extended period, like over the course of a week. Here are some ideas for ways to use ChimeIn asynchronously - if you've got other ideas, let us know.

  • In a language course, use an image submission and have students submit a photo when they encounter a particular usage of the language in their lives. For example, "Submit a photo of any Spanish-language cooking advertisements you see".
  • Use a free response question to collect social media content that participants encounter over the course of a week around a particular subject.
  • Use a slider question to collect anonymous sentiment information about how confident students are feeling about a particular subject each day.

Released under the MIT License.