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Managing a Chime

After creating your Chime, you'll have access to two buttons - "Chime Settings" and "Export".

Chime Settings

Access Code

The "access code" provides a six digit code which can be used to join your Chime. Participants just need to visit and enter the access code in the box on the right side of the screen. If you've checked the "Require Login to Join or Access" box, users will need to log in to their University account to complete the join process.

You can also use the unique link in the Chime settings ("Participants can join by visiting") to automatically connect participants with your Chime. This link can be placed on a Canvas website, distributed via email, or linked to via a "Z" link. When a participant clicks the link, they'll be taken straight to your Chime and can begin participating.

Require Login to Join or Access

By default, anyone with the Access Code or Unique Link can join your Chime. If you check this box, participants will be required to sign in before they can join. This will also allow the presenter to see the names of participants.

Participants can view results

By default, ChimeIn operates on a model where presenters share the question and show the the results. By checking this box, participants will also be able to view the results themselves, at any time.

Display "join" instructions when presenting

By checking this box, small instructions will be shown on the "presenter" view, giving participants instructions on how to join. This can be useful when asking questions in an open setting, allowing participants to join at any time.

Only count "correct" answers towards Canvas grades

Multiple choice (and true/false) questions can have a "correct" answer marked when creating the question. If you've marked an answer "correct" and check this box in your Chime settings, students will only receive credit for selecting the correct answer.

Managing Users

The "Chime Settings" view will also show you all of the users that have joined your Chime. Any of them can be promoted from "participant" to "presenter" by clicking the word "participant". It will change into a dropdown, allowing you to elevate their permissions.


The "Export" button allows you to export folder- and question-level data from your Chime. These exports are compatible with the Gradebook import functionality in Canvas, allowing you to import data even when not using the ChimeIn Canvas integration.

Released under the MIT License.